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Deadhead Chemist DMT proudly presents our 1mL vape cartridge containing 800mg of DMT, the Spirit molecule. Immerse yourself in a spiritual insight experience unlike any other with our potent, high-quality vape cartridge.
DMT has been praised by spiritual practitioners for centuries for its ability to connect the mind, body, and soul in profound ways. Users have reported feeling a sense of unity with the universe and experiencing transformative revelations that leave them feeling refreshed and invigorated.

NN-DMT Deadheads Chemist Cartridge and Battery Vape Pen

DeadheadChemist presents a new product that has been making waves in the psychedelic drug market: the DMT vape and cartridge. The company’s innovative approach to delivering this potent substance has made it a hit among seasoned psychonauts and curious newcomers alike.
Famous boxer Mike Tyson has personally attested to the transformative power of 5-MeO-DMT, claiming it has changed his life forever. Its effects are felt quickly, with peaks usually within 1-15 minutes of consumption and lasting up to 30 minutes. The visuals are often vibrant and intense, with users experiencing bright colors, moving environments, recursive patterns, and perhaps even “ambient orbs” at higher doses.

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