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The High 90s Disposables White Fire OG provides a cerebral high that is good for use throughout the day. It uplifts mood, heightens senses, increases heart rate, and boosts energy, making social interactions more pleasurable. Its high wears down gradually, causing a slight sedating effect that improves focus and concentration. Users have noted that listening to music while on White Fire OG is more pleasurable and thought-provoking.

Buy High 90s Bar Peach Review

Peach is a mixture of Cherry Punch and Peach Crescendo, another branch of Peach pot, from Lovin’ in Her Eyes, a mysterious breeder. Despite being careful to hide her identity, Lovin’ in Her Eyes is gaining ground with her partnerships with popular growers and genetics providers who showcase strains like Banana Ice Pop and Pearl Cadillac. Peach could very well be the biggest hit yet.

High 90s Vape Rainbow Belts Review

The buds of Rainbow Belts are fluffy and round, with a minty-green color and undertones of yellow. It is complemented by light orange pistils and a thick coating of amber trichomes. Which adds brightness to its lighter green and yellow appearance. When smoked or vaped, Rainbow Belts has a distinct citrus flavor that is quite sharp. Hence with undertones of diesel fuel, which adds a bit of spiciness to its finish. Its flavor is much sweeter than its aroma. Thus with a combination of tarty lemon citrus and sweet berries.

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