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Kurvana Disposables can be quite potent and therefore displays some pretty strong adverse effects in some of its users. This flower can make your mouth feel dry and parched, prompting you to be on the search for a way to rehydrate, so it is advisable to keep something to drink ready.

Alien Kush contains a tasty mix of flavors, making it instantly unforgettable.

This plant tastes of fresh berries and strong woody notes, with its inhale boasting of sweet pine and spices, and a strong and lingering herbal flavor that is both refreshing and appetizing.

Buy Kurvana Vape Bars Blue Dream flavor

Given its blueberry background, this strain boasts of a fruity, lusciousness that is both enticing and appetizing. It resembles the scent of blueberry closely, but has a strong general fruity whiff to it. It has been described as vanilla-sweet, while traces of mango also have a strong presence.

“What you smell is what you taste” could easily be said about Blue Dream. Its flavor lingers in the sweet berry variety, with undertones of herbs and spices.Its strong, fruity characteristics make it easy to enjoy, and its slight sour notes offer up the perfect balance between flavors.

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