Raw Gardens Disposable Vape Pen 1G Refined Live Resin Bars

Raw Gardens disposable is known as the Ready-To-Use Vape, and it comes complete with an array of their acclaimed Refined Live Resin Vape oil. Firstly, With 0.3 grams of oil and a mini 510 battery, the cost of this device comes in around $20 in 2022.
However, making it the ideal choice for first time vape users looking to avoid the high expense of the 1-gram cart. What’s more, RGardens is always expanding their selection of flavors thanks to their ambitious cannabis breeding program.
Secondly, A cannabis disposable vape comes with a cartridge and battery and is ready to use upon opening the package. A 510 USB charger is necessary if the battery dies and there is still cannabis oil left.

Raw Garden’s Refined Live Resin is a flowable cannabis oil for vape pens, containing only cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant, with no artificial flavors or terpenes added.
Lastly, They refer to their products as ‘Your Single Source’, meaning that everything in the vape oil came from their farm.

Raw Garden Vape strains effected reviews

Lemon OZK is a strain created from a cross between OZK and Clementine, with uplifting effects and flavors that have been reported to reduce stress and muscle tension.
Loquat Cooler is a cannabis cartridge made from 100% cannabis flower grown using sustainable practices. It has a high THC content and contains the natural aromas, flavors, and terpenes of the source flower.
Lemon Spice is an energizing strain native to Salmon Creek with a sharp citrus aroma and sweet and sour flavor reminiscent of Smarties candy. It has genetics from Salmon Creek Big Bud and is known to increase focus and creativity.
Also, highly rated flavors; Banana Punch, Blueberry Cookies, California Kush, Cloud Chaser, Double Dream, Green Mango, Island Girl, Kimbo Chem, Lava Cake.

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