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Strain Type   INDICA
THC  78.23%
Quantity   500mg

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Alien Mints Alien Labs Disposable Cartridges

Alien Mints Alien Labs Disposables, seed Junky Genetics are masters of the craft when it comes to formulating new strains, and once again, they fail to disappoint. The deliciously potent Alien Mints strain was born by breeding Triangle Kush with the Animal Mints strain. With a 20%-25% THC level, the Alien Mints weed strain (also known as Octagon Kush) has gained notoriety for its powerful highs and heavy couchlock.

It contain a diverse flavor profile with rich earthy tones that keep you coming back for “just one more,” which could be to the detriment of beginner smokers. But let’s unpack this Alien Mints review and see what all the fuss is about.

The marijuana strain is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain that delivers the best of both worlds with incredible head-highs and powerful couchlock. The strain indica level is dwarfed by its sativa genetics with a 70% to 30% ratio.

Alien Mints Alien Labs


Buy Alien Mint AlienLabs Disposable

The legacy of strain genetics is evident in its name. It is the offspring of two renowned strains – both with an awe of mystery regarding their origins. What is abundantly clear is their potency. Alien Mints strain comes from the heart of Florida and is a heavyweight, Indica-dominant strain with THC levels ranging from the mid to high twenties. It’s hailed for its relaxing yet mentally uplifting highs and earthy flavors.

Animal Mints is the other parent strain of the Alien Mintss marijuana strain. Animal Mints’ origins vary depending on your sources. Some say it’s a cross of GSC x Blue Power, while others claim that it’s Animal Cookies x SinMints. What’s known for a fact is that Animal Mints is a 50%/50% hybrid with 21% and more THC levels. Buyers of this strain also went for Mag Landrace Verano Strain and GMO cookies Alien Labs Disposable Carts.


Alien Mints Vape Carts THC Bars Live Resin

The Alien Mints strain is famous for its delectable taste, which has earned it a loyal following. However, it’s the weed flower’s effects that keep people coming back for more. The high hits quickly, inducing strong cerebral effects of euphoria and cheerfulness, making it a perfect strain for a great start to the day. It’s a potent strain that reminds you of its “In-da-couch” lineage, as it sends your mind into the stratosphere while keeping your body firmly rooted to your seat. Thus, it should be consumed mindfully.
The effects of Alien Mints weed include euphoria and cheerfulness. Its flavor profile includes sweet mint, spice, herbs, creamy vanilla, which complement its potent effects. However, dry, red eyes, and cottonmouth are common adverse reactions. Alien Mints is useful in managing chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, and insomnia.
The Alien Mints strain has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks and a harvest time in mid-October. Its THC content ranges between 20% to 25%, and it has a CBD content of 2%. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid strain with an indica/sativa ratio of 30%-70%. The strain has a difficult growth level, and it requires a warm and humid climate. The height of the Alien Mints plant ranges from 30-60 inches, with an indoor yield of 1.
Alien Mints Alien Labs

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