Dutch Treat- Kurvana Vape Disposable Pen 1G


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Strain Type  INDICA
THC   91.97%
Quantity   1000mg

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Dutch Treat Kurvana Vape Disposable 1G

Dutch Treat Kurvana Disposable, Dutch Treat is a strain with mysterious roots, but smokers and growers alike agree about one thing – it is a lush a delicious indica-dominant hybrid, that has become a favorite on the scene. This strain provides a gentle cerebral experience that is perfect for a lazy day at home, surrounded by friends and good company.

The exact heritage of this strain is debateable. Dutch Treat is said to have originated in Vancouver, BC and not in Holland, but there is no denying that this hybrid has certainly earned its name because of it being an absolute staple in Amsterdam.

Dutch Treat now has gained notoriety all over Europe, Canada and the United States for being a balanced indica-dominant strain. This bud is a sedative, but won’t make you feel like you are stuck on your couch. On the contrary, users have reported that this strain is actually perfect for combatting fatigue and instilling a euphoric mood.

Buy Kurvana Vape Bars Dutch Treat flavor

Also,  Earth OG Kurvana Disposables. This strain is fragrant and beautiful and from the moment this bud enters the room, you will feel invigorated. Dutch Treat has a very appetizing aroma, smelling like blueberries, with a fruity pine taste to it, with the sweetness of candy that will hang in the air.

Dutch Treat tastes fruity and is extremely flavorful. This hybrid carries with it hints of fresh pine and a sweet-earthiness to it. This strain will leave a sweet and woody aftertaste in your mouth from the smoke, with a hint of sandalwood.

Dutch Treat Kurvana Disposable Pen Strains effects

Dutch Treat’s first effects will make you feel like you are soaring. This strain will make you feel instantly happy and light, providing a clean and solid cerebral high that will make you smile. You will sink into your seat feeling elated and uplifted, and feeling all the good vibrations.

EFFECTS happy – 10
uplifted – 9
relaxed – 9
euphoric – 9
creative – 5
dry eyes – 7
anxious – 2
paranoid – 2
dizzy – 1
FRAGRANCE blueberry, fruity, pine, sweet
FLAVORS fruity, pine, sweet, woody, earthy
MEDICAL stress – 10
depression – 8
pain – 5
nausea – 4
insomnia – 3

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