Gush Mints | Rove Premier Cured Resin Cartridge 1G


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   82%
Quantity   1000mg

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Fruity, juicy, sweet, and gooey; that’s Gushers in a nutshell. Not just when it comes to the candy, either. The indica-leaning Gush Mints Rove Carts is all that and more. It has a euphoric head high that will make you almost as giddy as a kid in a candy store. Luckily, the body buzz will relax you and keep you from feeling like you’re bouncing off the walls.

Gush Mints (also known as Fruit Gushers) is a California Cookies Fam Genetics creation. They’ve crossed their famous Gelato #41 with a tropical treat known as Triangle Kush. The result is a tasty 60% indica/40% sativa hybrid with some of the best traits from both parents. THC content varies depending on the grower, but it averages about 15%. Some plants can reach all the way up to 25%, though. If you treat your plants well, you’ll be rewarded. Also you should select from out list of Rove Cartridges.

Gush Mints is great for more than just recreational use, too. The moderate THC levels in many varieties make it ideal for therapeutic use. The even, hybrid qualities are useful for everything from chronic pain to anxiety. The euphoric head high combined with a relaxing body high eases worries while also easing aches and pains.

Gush Mints Rove Cartridge

Rove Vape Gush Mints Carts Aroma

While there are plenty of recreational reasons to use Gushers, there are are also plenty of people who swear by its therapeutic usefulness. The euphoric head high is a smooth, easy way to relieve anxious thoughts. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms can all benefit from regular use of this strain. The Gush Mints Rove Carts strain helps lift dark moods and banish worries.

The chill head high evens out anxiety by calming repetitive thoughts and slowing aggravated heart rates. Despair or hopelessness melts away, allowing gentle bliss to take over. Symptoms of OCD or PTSD often fade into obscurity. The simple things that typically distract or cause pain, no longer catch your attention. Presenting the future of citrus skunk raw garden and Ice Cream Cake Rove Carts.

Those with chronic stress also start to unwind after long days, both mentally and physically.  The body high is relaxing and tingly, giving muscles a chance to relax. That relief of tension helps ease pain and aches from stress or even chronic illness. People with arthritis pain, cancer pain, and fibromyalgia have reported gaining relief through Gush Mints .

Gush Mints Flower Strain Review

The effects of the Gush Mints strain take a few minutes to build, but they’re worth it. The moderate to high THC content stimulates a buzzy, but laid-back head high that begins as a tingly bliss coming from the back of the scalp and moving forward. It never revs up into an anxious, energetic high. Instead, users find that their worries float away, and life just seems a little easier to handle.

The body high kicks in with the head high, melting anxiety, worries, and muscle tension away. It’s best described as low-stress, and many describe the entire experience as ‘chill.’ The body-calming strain makes you loose, but not tired, which helps keep the night going. The combination of the chill head high and the mellow body buzz helps keep users awake and aware, but unstressed.

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