Island Skunk- Muha Meds Disposable Carts 1G


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   83
Quantity   1 Gram

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Island Skunk Muha Meds Disposables Full Gram

Island Skunk Muha Meds Disposable, Island Sweet Skunk is a Canadian native that was brought about by modifying the original Skunk #1 strain, resulting in a mind-blowing sativa-dominant hybrid like no other.

This sweet and fragrant bud was originally created in Vancouver, British Columbia, when breeders at Federation Seeds cultivated it from its parent strain, Skunk #1. Discover all our collection of Muha Meds Cartridges.

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Island Sweet Skunk has an exceptionally special aroma that will instantly fill the room with all its fruity goodness. This strain smells like fresh grapefruit mixed with a potent skunky scent that will make you think of all sorts of citrus fruits.

This particular skunk strain smells and tastes very much like you would imagine, considering its fitting moniker. Also, presidential OG Muha Meds Disposable Carts and Rove Live Resin Carts.

THC Live Resin

Island Sweet Skunk is quite a beauty, and she shows this not only in her physical presence, but also in the many beneficial effects this strain has on its users. This hybrid is primarily a good-mood inducer, and you won’t be able to help yourself – the negative thoughts will simply melt away and make room for better vibrations.

EFFECTShappy – 10
uplifted – 9
energetic – 8
euphoric – 7
creative – 6ADVERSE REACTIONSdry mouth – 10
dry eyes – 8
paranoid – 8
headache – 3
anxious – 2FRAGRANCEEarthy, pungent, herbal, woodyFLAVORScitrus, fruity, grapefruit, skunky, sweet, tropicalMEDICALstress – 10
depression – 9
pain – 5
headaches – 5
fatigue – 4FLOWERING TIME INDOORS7-9 weeksFLOWERING TIME OUTDOORSlate September to mid OctoberPLANT HEIGHTTallTHC CONTENT %16%-25%CBD %0.10%INDICA / SATIVA %20% / 80%INDOOR YIELD21oz/ m²OUTDOOR YIELD39oz/ plantCLIMATEwarm and sunny outdoor climateGROWTH LEVELeasyRESISTANCE TO DISEASEhigh resistance to common diseases

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