OG | Rove Premier Cured Resin Cartridge 1G


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   80.3%
Quantity   1000mg

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Buy OG Rove Carts | Premier Cured Resin Cartridge 1Gram Vape Pen

OG Rove Carts Roll out the red carpets! The legend is here! The OG  strain requires little introduction but deserves grandiose applause. This OG Kush phenotype has inherited the genetic fortitude to uphold the family tradition of getting people stoned the world over with mind-elevating THC content.

The  OG strain’s THC level ranges from 20% – 25% and can reach as high as 29% delivering strong yet manageable effects. This makes it a great option for veteran smokers, whereas newbies may find the effects a little intense. Also you should select from out list of Rove Premier Carts Flavors.

The  OG weed strain lives up to its name on all fronts, from easy growability to incredible flavor and euphoric effects, making it a popular choice for smokers and growers alike. And with broad availability, that popularity is only increasing as more people buy Legend OG strain seeds online as well as bud.

OG Rove Cartridge

Rove OG Vape Cartridges Flavor

This strain has an initial calm high, but don’t allow that to make you overconfident, as the effects do build up and may leave you higher than you first anticipated. Users report feelings of creativity, giggles, and mental energy before the full bodily effects take hold.

Another wonderful benefit of OG Rove Carts strain is its use for persistent conditions such as arthritis, anxiety, pain, stress, and insomnia. Many users of this strain have also found it to relieve restlessness and insomnia. Discover our brand new Oreoz & Mintz Backpack boyz Weed and Dream Rove Cartridge.

OG Cannabis Strain Review

The initial high, like many other strains, starts with heightened euphoria and waves of cerebral calm flowing through your mind, leaving you in a state of calm relaxation. Despite its effects, Legend OG Rove Carts weed strain is not overpowering, providing a sense of focus that enables you to accomplish tasks before relaxing in the evening.

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