Super Glue – Rove Premier Cured Resin Cartridge | 1G


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   85%
Quantity   1000mg

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Super Glue Rove Cured Resin Cartridges 1Gram

Super Glue Rove Cartridge, Superglue strain is indispensable at home or in the office. Anything that breaks and chances are high we default to fixing it with superglue. Now, the Superglue strain we have here is not going to fix anything we break. It is also not going to fix our minds or bodies. Instead, what it can do is to provide an amazing experience, bring comfort, and glue us to the couch. To say that the Superglue strain comes from a prominent line is an understatement. Both its parents are legendary and have won countless awards over the decades.

Breeders have also used both in crossing and creating countless other strains. Having strains considered by many as classics as parents have its benefits. For instance, it takes the best traits from both and combines them into one strain. As a result of crossing Afghani and Northern Lights, Superglue inherited the potent Indica properties. Superglue is also known as Superglue OG or Super Glue. While there is a consensus on its genetic lineage, there may be other variants.

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Also, Runtz Rove Cartridge. Superglue, like its namesake, is formidable. As such, this is not the best strain to start off beginners. In only moments after a few tokes, users start to feel its intense hit beginning with feeling uplifted. as it rushes in its mental high, users start to feel their minds clearing. Not only do they feel happy but also focused. The mental high can come rushing in but it does so by allowing users to continue functioning. For a brief moment, with a clear head and heightened focus, doing tasks become easier.

Even if one were to feel euphoric, they remain productive. But Superglue’s best trait is yet to come. It has a dominant and potent Indica side that creeps into the body. As muscles loosen up and tension leaves, users now feel relaxed.

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All the wonderful benefits of Super Glue Rove Cartridge that recreational users have come to love are the same reasons why it has great medicinal values. By inducing total body relaxation and inducing the mind to think of happiness, that in itself takes care of reducing stress. Even people with depression may find its use helpful as they deal with their mental health disorder.

Because most people using Superglue tend to stay on the couch, dozing off is common. As such, it can be helpful for insomniacs. Finally, one of the things that people feel as the heavy hit wane is to feel hungry. So, those who need help in getting food to their stomach could use Superglue as an appetizer first.
ORIGIN Afghani and Northern Lights EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Happy – 9
Uplifted – 7
Euphoric – 6
Focused – 5
FRAGRANCE Pungent, earthy, woody, diesel
FLAVORS Sweet, diesel, chemical, woody, pine, citrus
Dry eyes – 2
Anxious – 1
Dizzy – 1
Paranoid – 1
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Pain – 10
Depression – 9
Insomnia – 6
Lack of appetite – 6

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