Animal Cookies | Alien Labs 100% Live Resin 0.5G Disposable


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC  82.6%
Quantity   500mg

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Animal Cookies Alien Labs Disposable Cartridges

Animal Cookies Alien Labs Disposables, Animal Cookies is a strain that is known for its many health benefits, and its fragrant presence.This hybrid is an indica-dominant hybrid produces a heavy body and cerebral high that will kick in instantly and knock you off your feet before you are even done coughing on the smoke.

This strain is a beauty in so many ways. Animal Cookies is a purplish bud spotted with orange hairs, making it attractive to even just look at.

This hybrid is the result of the crossing of two legend strains, namely Girl Scout Cookies and power-hybrid Fire OG, a mellow and soothing indica-dominant strain.Animal Cookies typically contains high THC levels, and some growers have been able to cultivate it to produce up to 4% CBD.

Buy Animal Cookies Alien Lab Disposables

This is why this strain has become such a favorite in the medical cannabis community, as it is able to cure many common ailments such as pain, mood disorders and chronic stress. If you’re a fan of this strain you’ll also like Motorbreath Verano Strain and moonbow Alien Labs Disposable Carts.

Nicknamed “dessert of the earth” by its fans, Animal Cookies is supremely fragrant and indescribably special in its aromatic mix.

This strain smells earthy and sour, mixed with a sweet vanilla-like scent. It is quite pungent, and will leave you with your mouth watering, asking for more.Animal Cookies has a smoke that tastes like a creamy and nutty vanilla.This super-sweet tasting bud has hints of citrus in it, combined with an earthy note, making this hybrid and incredibly pleasant plant to smoke, especially if you have something of a sweet tooth.

Animal Cookies Vape Carts THC Bars Live Resin

Animal Cookies provides a swift and fast-acting high that results in a heavy-body couch-lock. Consuming high doses of this strain can lead to an instant feeling of relaxation and unwinding. The strain has a potency level of 19%-23% THC and 1.00% CBD.
The strain has an earthy, pungent, sour, and sweet fragrance, and its flavors are a combination of sweet, earthy, pungent, nutty, and vanilla. Animal Cookies is well-known for its medical properties that alleviate stress and pain. It also helps in treating depression and insomnia and can increase appetite.
Growing Animal Cookies is challenging as it requires good ventilation, and it has resistance to disease. Outdoor plants can be harvested in September and have a yield of around 13oz/plant. This strain prefers warm and dry outdoor climates, but it is better suited to indoor cultivation.

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