California Kush- Raw Gardens Disposable 1G


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Strain Type  INDICA
THC   85.3%
Quantity   1 Gram

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California Kush Raw Gardens Disposable Carts 1 Gram

California Kush Raw Garden Disposable, California Kush is an indica-heavy hybrid of Afghani indicas and Mexican sativa strains. It is the perfect strain for a relaxing, herbal experience.Its indica heritage stimulates deep relaxation, while sativa genetics induce a beautiful, euphoric head high.

It’s a creative high, with a genuine underlying sense of well-being.This strain is perfect for evening use, with a calm finish that will send you right off to sleep.

When it comes to using California Kush weed therapeutically, it can soothe anxieties and relieve stress. The tingling body high boosts the loosening of tight muscles, while deep relaxation calms a racing heart.

You’ll know when you’ve smoked California Kush. The skunky scent comes through strong at first, with a refreshing herbal undertone.Hints of mint and citrus help round it out. In the end, the exhale is sweet and tea-like. Be sure to go through our stock of Raw Garden Disposable Carts.

Depending on the breeder, it can be anywhere from 70% to 90% indica. 

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The flavor of California Kush is sweeter than the scent. While herbal and mint flavors are still strong, the citrus becomes sweeter, like sweet grapefruit. The exhale is reminiscent of citrus tea. When trying California Dream weed, the biggest side effect comes from underestimating it.

For all its calming effects and euphoric mood, it’s still quite strong. Any strain with such a high THC content can lead to new users getting in over their heads.In excessive amounts, the euphoria can build to overwhelming and potentially manic heights. Also, pineapple dream Raw Gardens Disposable Carts and Rappers 1st Choice Weed Packs.

California Kush Raw Gardens Carts Live Resin

When you consume California Kush weed, the indica heritage comes through loud and clear.The high hits almost immediately, with a lingering heady buzz of euphoria afterward.It’s a sociable buzz, with users noticing that they’re more talkative and other people are funnier.

EFFECTS Strong cerebral euphoria
FRAGRANCE Skunky scent with a refreshing herbal undertone
FLAVORS Herbal and mint
ADVERSE REACTIONS Mild dry eyes and cottonmouth
MEDICAL Great for calming and relaxing body and mind
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOOR Late September to early October outdoors
PLANT HEIGHT About 3.3 feet
THC CONTENT % 17-24%
CBD % 0.0%
INDICA/SATIVA % 70% / 30%
INDOOR YIELD 14 to 16 ounces of kush per square yard
OUTDOOR YIELD A pound of bud or more per plant
CLIMATE Sunny Mediterranean climate

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