Fanta Og | Dabwoods Disposable Live Resin : 1 Gram


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   91.13%
Quantity   1000mg

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Buy Fanta Og Dabwoods Disposable | 1 Gram Ready To Vape Premium Cannabis

The Fanta OG Dabwoods Disposable features large, heavy buds speckled in orange and red shades. This elusive strain’s mystery is compounded by its unknown origins, adding to its allure. Also, Fanta Og sighting is as rare as they come, but its qualities are well worth the hunt.

Fanta Og can be strong, so if you are not an experienced smoker, you can expect to feel some side effects. The strain it Is likely to induce a dry mouth sensation, as well as dry, itchy and irritable eyes, complete with a feeling of dehydration.

It is a very useful medical strain and can make life easier for long suffering patients, if they are lucky enough to get a hold of it. Most commonly used for the treatment of chronic stress disorders, as it can allow the patients to feel relaxed without making them feel sluggish or tired. This 100% sativa strain can also be used to treat chronic headaches, as it is very effective in treating pain.

Fanta Og Dabwoods Disposable, 

Dabwoods Disposable Pen Fanta Og Strain Flavor

Fanta Og is also very useful in the treatment of glaucoma, or eye pressure, as it can reduce inflammations greatly. Cancer patients who suffer from a lack of appetite due to chemical treatment and radiation, are known to favor this bud for its ability to allow them to regain their lost appetites. Embrace the next level of quality Raw Garden Disposables and Rainbow Kush Dabwoods Disposable Carts

his bud suits active times like hiking or hanging out with friends. You’ll feel euphoric and excited, spreading infectious good vibes. Mostly known to induce hunger, making it great before a dinner date. It promotes happiness and comfort, encouraging socializing and activities. Its origin remains unknown, but it brings euphoria, happiness, and relaxation.

Effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and headaches. Fragrance mixes apple, pine, sour, and fruit; flavors span earthy, skunky, woody, cheesy, citrusy, piney, spicy, and tea-like. Medicinally, it helps with stress, headaches, pain, eye pressure, and appetite loss. Browse our list of available Dabwoods Disposable flavors.

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