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Buy Gorilla Glue 4 Big Chief Carts | Big Chief’s Extracts Premium Distillate 1G Cart

A notoriously sticky strain, Gorilla Glue 4 Big Chief Carts got its name from the fact that growers have a hard time trimming its buds, with the high resin content leading their scissors to stick together.

Thus, this heavy hitter of a strain was born. It has been reported that Gorilla Glue 4 Big Chief Carts is predominantly sativa, however, a more precise description would be that it is a perfect blend of both sativa and indica characteristics.

Gorilla Glue 4 Chief carts

Gorilla Glue 4 Big Chief Live Resin Vape Pen Cartridges

Quoted as causing a case of “head fry” in inexperienced smokers, Gorilla Glue can give you something to be paranoid about if you come unprepared.The body stone can be intense, which can cause mild cases of anxiety and nervousness in some.A prevalent headache might be present as an effect of the intense head high. Unveiling our groundbreaking product kar krash gumbo weed strain and  pineapple express  Chief Carts.

Gorilla Glue #4 Strain Flavor Potency

Another way Gorilla Glue #4 has earned its name, is for the intense couch-lock it can cause someone to succumb to.What else do we expect from a strain so sticky and heavy, it can easily clump your fingers together when you manually try to break it up? However, it may also lead to some adverse reactions such as dry mouth, dry eyes, and mild paranoia.

With its THC levels borderline through the roof, having clocked in at times at a record 30% in some dispensaries, Gorilla Glue Auto is nothing for the faint-hearted. Indoors, it takes approximately 8-9 weeks to flower, while outdoors, the ideal time for harvesting is in mid-October. The plant is generally tall and has a THC content ranging from 25% to 30% and a negligible CBD level of 0. Just remember to browse the list of Big Chief Cartridges Flavors.

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