Grease Monkey (HYBRID) – Jeeter Juice 500mg


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Strain Type HYBRID
THC   76.02%
Quantity   500mg

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Grease Monkey Jeeter Juice Disposable Bar Straw

Grease Monkey Jeeter Disposable Carts,Grease Monkey is an indica dominant hybrid strain, but it is sometimes a 50/50 mix.This strain, a gift from breeder Exotic Genetix, has an incredibly enviable genetic lineage of Cookies and Cream and Gorilla Glue 4.

Thanks to this superstar genetic pairing, Grease Monkey is an insanely potent strain that inherits the best of both its parents’ worlds.This weed strain has satisfyingly high THC levels – some varieties boast as much as 30% THC.If you’re new to cannabis use, it may be a good idea to start small.

It also increases appetite. That is why many with both mood and eating disorders rely on this strain for natural relief.  Grease Monkey can also help you fall asleep and is commonly used for sleep disorders such as insomnia.

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Also, Jeeter Juice zkittlez Disposable Bar.This hybrid strain has a robust set of terpenes that play a significant role in its skunky, sweet aroma.Beneath this fruity, grape-like scent is a pungent earthy smell that renders Grease Monkey impossible to smoke discreetly.

It’s unique fragrance of sugary sweetness, and dank potent diesel hits your senses immediately after you light up.Grease Monkey traces its lineage to Cookies and Cream, a high-THC strain with a wonderfully flavorful profile. This, therefore, explains this strain’s taste.

Grease Monkey Jeeter THC Disposable Bars Live Resin

The Indica-dominant weed hits rather smoothly and results in a calm, tranquil high.

When combined with its Sativa profile, there’s a feeling of mental stimulation after smoking it, making it perfect for an afternoon spent working on a creative project.Smoking this strain leaves you feeling euphoric while releasing your stress.


Effects Calm, mental stimulation, euphoric, cozy


Fragrance Sweet, fruity, grape-like, earthy, diesel


Flavors Sweet, vanilla, dank gasoline


Adverse Reaction Dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, paranoia


Flowering Time 8 – 9 weeks (indoor), October (outdoor)


Yield 18 oz per sq meter (indoor), 21 oz per plant (outdoor)


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