Jenny Kush | Rove Featured Farms Cartridge 1G


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC 87%
Quantity   1000mg

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Buy Jenny Kush Rove Carts | Cured Resin Cartridges 1Gram Vape Pen

Jenny Kush Rove Carts are a product that pays tribute to the memory of one of the most active cannabis advocates, Jenny Monson. Even after her passing in 2013, her close associates at Rare Dankness Seeds took it upon themselves to keep her spirit alive by creating a special strain called ‘Jenny Kush.’ The breeders ensure that all proceeds go towards Jenny’s family to help them cope with the rising costs of living.
The lineage of Jenny Kush is a topic of speculation among cannabis enthusiasts, but one thing is certain- Rare Dankness Seeds has used the finest industry staples to honor Jenny Monson’s legacy. One of the parents is Rare Dankness #2, a potent Indica-leaning strain that can eliminate stress. The breeders paired it with the award-winning Amnesia Haze, known for its long-lasting high and excellent growth. Don’t miss out on our collection of Rove Featured Farms Vapes.
With up to 20% THC content, Jenny Kush Rove Carts can pack a punch that is powerful enough to leave seasoned users overwhelmed. However, if consumed moderately, it delivers a well-balanced high that effectively combines the Sativa and Indica effects of its parents. The strain’s high resin production has also made it a popular choice among members of the cannabis community looking to make hash.

Jenny Kush Rove Carts

Rove Jenny Kush Vape Cartridges Flavor

Jenny Kush Rove cartridges are also effective painkillers. Its THC content helps to ease aches and pains, especially in people suffering from anorexia. It is also useful for cancer patients who need relief from nausea after chemotherapy.
When consumed, the effects of Jenny Kush take a few puffs to manifest, but once it does, it is a rush of euphoria that envelops the entire mind. This sudden burst of energy spreads throughout the body, leaving users feeling invigorated and stimulated.
The uplifting effects of Jenny Kush Rove cartridges inspire an upbeat disposition that lasts all day. They are an excellent choice for those who need to kickstart their mornings with a positive outlook. Casual users take advantage of the strain’s wake-and-bake qualities by making the most out of the mental stimulation it provides. Check these out too Strawberry Glue Rove Carts and Dream Rove Cart.

Jenny Kush Flower Strain Review

The strain’s fragrance is fruity, sweet, and has hints of blueberry, orange, and earthy notes. The flavors of Jenny Kush Rove cartridges are sweet, herbal, floral, with pine, orange, and blueberry undertones.
Jenny Kush Rove Carts are recommended for medical use, as they can alleviate symptoms of stress, nausea, depression, lack of appetite, and pain. Negative effects of the strain are minimal and include dry mouth and eyes, with occasional dizziness, headaches, and paranoia.
In summary, Jenny Kush Rove Carts are an excellent choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a high-quality strain with great medicinal properties. They pay tribute to Jenny Monson’s legacy while providing a well-balanced high that can be enjoyed by users of all levels.

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