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Kish, also known as Shishkaberry, is a pure indica strain with a 21% THC content, making it an excellent choice for cannabis users. It is known for its dense buds with high levels of crystals and a distinct fruity smell and taste that can be identified from other strains. The buds are quite sticky, making them difficult to trim before medicating, but the satisfying buzz makes it worth it. Kish Jeeter Disposable Straw offers a sensational high that is indescribable, leaving users in a state of calm after a tiring day at work.

This berry strain is a cross of two Shishkaberries, known for their cherry-flavored smoke, making Kish a great candidate for the beginning cultivator who wants a classic couch-lock high. This indica-dominant plant grows short and bushy, like a miniature Christmas tree with broad leaves and one primary cola. It likes its main cola, but if the top is cropped, it will umbrella, and if side branches are trimmed, it will happily invest its energy in the single bud, making it great for sea of green systems.Find out more available flavors of Jeeter Juice Vape Pen.

Kish is a quick finisher and can be ready for harvest in as few as six weeks of flowering, depending on the intensity of the sun or lights that shine on your garden. However, allowing it to ripen for seven weeks or more results in a reduction in the quality of the harvest. Kish Jeeter Disposable Straw does better under Sunmasters than HPS lights and can reach a height of 3-4 feet in finish when budded in big pots. It can also grow outdoors with good results, finishing by the end of September.

Kish Jeeter Disposable Straw

Jeeter Juice Vape Straw Kish Strain Review

Kish is versatile and proves hardy in many grow environments, showing great stamina when faced with stresses, making it a likely success for the starting garden. The harvest-ready buds are deserving of the name “nugget,” round, chunky, and surprisingly hard. They shrink very little when drying, meaning that each cola really weighs in. The buds have a sharp fruity flavor, leaning towards cherry or raspberry. Kish is strong in buzz as well as taste. Two or three tokes will knock even a seasoned smoker between the eyes.

Many patients rely on Kish to help deal with adverse medical conditions like migraines, depression, and even multiple sclerosis. This variety is a favorite among multiple sclerosis patients. Kish does not have a long-lasting high compared to other strains, but it manages to hold optimal value, which is what most cannabis users are on the lookout for.

In conclusion, Kish Jeeter Disposable Straw is a great strain for cannabis users looking for a satisfying buzz with a distinct fruity taste and aroma. Its quick finish, versatility, and hardiness make it a likely success for the starting garden, and its medicinal properties make it a favorite among multiple sclerosis patients. Embrace the latest breakthrough algorythm backpack boyz and Hazy OG Jeeter Disposable.

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