Kush Mintz | Dabwoods Disposable Loud Resin : 1 Gram


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   78.13%
Quantity   1000mg

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Buy Kush Mintz Dabwoods Disposable | 1 Gram Ready To Vape Premium Cannabis

Kush Mintz Dabwoods Disposable,  is a hybrid derived from a combination of the Bubba Kush and Animal Mints strains that’s likely to blast you into outer space with an intergalactic 22-24% THC content. At times, life can be deeply complex, yet oddly simple all at once. It’s the natural balance of the universe. Balance is a testament to the order that allows for harmony to exist.  We see it in daily life in the form of work and play, give and take… indica and sativa.

And with an even ratio of 50% sativa, 50% indica. One could almost say that Kush Mints Strain is a monument to universal balance.  Gently reminding us of that universal balance, it invokes a potent high that affects both the body and the mind.

The Kush Mints weed strain produces fluffy forest green fruit with a hint of purple hues and orange hairs that barely peek through a snowy frosting of crystals that cover the entire surface of the nugget

Kush Mintz Dabwoods Disposable


Dabwoods Disposable Pen Kush Mintz Strain Flavor

Starting with a subtle tingle that flows throughout your body and limbs, resulting in a state of calm and relaxation. Also, a cerebral high follows that eases the mind and welcomes happy, creative thoughts of consciousness. The strain is providing a uplifting high of euphoria and tranquility that helps ease depression, anxiety, and fatigue. And for those that suffer from appetite loss, be sure to have some snacks handy as Kush Mints may induce the “munchies.”

Presenting the future of citrus skunk raw garden and Island Sorbet Dabwoods Disposable. However, it’s the unique aroma and flavor that have earned Kush Mints pot strain its near-legendary status amongst cannabis connoisseurs worldwide. Along with a natural, earthy, woody, scent, it has a rich, full-bodied coffee. Kush Mints, born from the blend of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints strains, holds a prestigious reputation.

It’s celebrated for its enticing mint taste, drawing enthusiasts to its unique allure. Renowned for igniting creativity, uplifting moods, and offering relaxation, it’s a tranquil yet inspiring strain. Moreover, this strain is easily identifiable due to its alluring scent, a fusion of earthy, woody, pine, citrus, herbal, and spicy notes. If you’re looking for an exceptional cannabis strain that can take you on a journey of tranquility, look no further than Kush Mints. Browse our list of available Dabwoods Disposable flavors.

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