Mandarin Gold | Rove Featured Farms Cartridge 1G


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   70.5%
Quantity   1000mg

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Mandarin Gold Rove Carts Review | Premier Cured Resin Cartridge 1Gram

Do you like fruit and baked goods? it is the dessert strain for you. Mandarin Gold Rove Carts is a delicious, bakey strain known for its delicate flavor. The 70/30 sativa-dominant genetics keep this strain calming but couchlock-free. Its THC level ranges from 15% to 25%, while Mandarin Cookies strain CBD levels remain under 1%.

The chill, comfortable high is matched with a fully relaxed body high that doesn’t chain you to the couch. A combination of Mandarin Sunset and Forum Cut Cookies cannabis, this strain has inherited the best qualities of both its parents. Imagine biting into a ripe, juicy tangerine or an orange-flavored ice cream treat from your childhood days.

Many appreciate this strain’s therapeutic qualities, as it can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms with ease. Also, Bacio Rove Cartridge and Kiwi Blueberry Cake Disposable.

Mandarin Gold Rove Cartridge

Buy Rove Premier Mandarin Gold Vape Cartridge online

Cerebral, euphoria, happy, mellow, and relaxing have all been used to describe the effects of Mandarin Gold. The euphoric cerebral high helps you feel creative yet not jittery. It’s a great option for unwinding with friends at the end of a long day, or even for afternoon use. The focus wears off as the evening continues, leaving you ready for a long night’s rest. The balanced genetics also leads to a comfortable overall body buzz. Discover more from our available Rove Featured Farms Vape Pen Cartridges.

The total body relaxation of Mandarin Gold Rove Carts is grounded enough to keep you from floating away, yet you’re alert enough to enjoy your evening. The balance is one of the most appealing aspects of the Mandarin Gold. The high is relatively mild and does not cause paranoia, anxiety, or sleepiness like many other marijuana strains.  Thanks to its relaxing effects and moderate THC levels, Mandarin Gold are perfect for those feeling stressed, anxious, or mildly depressed.

Mandarin Gold Strains effects

The citrusy flavor of Mandarin Gold weed can be deceiving at the start, making one think that the buds aren’t potent or hard-hitting. However, it has a serious THC punch! Even experienced users can benefit from pacing themselves because of the potency of this strain.

Take a toke and then wait a little while to make sure you’re comfortable before continuing. Overindulging can lead to drowsiness and mild paranoia. However, the most common reactions are simply cottonmouth and dry eyes.

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