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Botanica Blends Unicorn Party Turn Disposable 1G Refined Cartridges

Unicorn Party Turn Disposable with the familiar taste of nostalgic funfetti with our potent and juicy sativa, perfect for creative wizards seeking a magical and fantasy-inspired experience. Even if you’ve stopped believing in unicorns, they have never stopped believing in you.

Experience the unparalleled quality of Botanica Blends, offering a diverse range of hand-curated, high potency formulations guaranteed to provide a floaty feeling from seed to pen. Our products boast of single source, California-grown goodness that is vegan, non-GMO, ultra-pure, and tested for cleanliness. Natural botanical terpenes are added to our blends for an authentic taste and aroma.
Pack a powerful punch with our Turnpen Disposables, which are free of cotton, glue, and heavy metals. The pen features abundant clouds, consistent pulls, and a 100% live window view for a perfect puff every time. Its features include USB-C rechargeability, 150 puffs per charge, clearview window, and LED display, making it pocket-comfy and convenient. Enjoy a clean and satisfying experience without buttons or any other gimmicks.

Unicorn Party Turn Disposable Cannabis Oil Refined Cartridges Review

Discover these hidden gems  Pink Lemonade Turn Disposable and Strawberry Gelato Backpack boyz. Unicornz, a sativa-hybrid weed strain, has mostly energizing effects that can leave users feeling talkative, uplifted, and euphoric, while also providing a calming sensation. THC Design, a renowned indoor flower brand from California, released this strain as part of their ‘Pheno Hunt’ project for 2022.
It’s a unique cross between Unicorn Poop and a combination of Pineapple Pezz and Project 4516, containing genes from GMO, OG, OGKB, Cherry Pie, and more. Pineapple Pezz, grown by Grandiflora, and Unicornz were both created by an experienced breeder from Southern California. Unicornz has a sweet, synthetic fruit aroma and taste similar to Smarties candy, leaving a lasting impression on the taste buds. It’s perfect for any time of day and can be rolled up into a large joint for an impressive smoking experience.

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