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Botanica Blends Watermelon Sugar High Turn Disposable 1G Live Resin

Watermelon Sugar High Turn Disposable is a well-balanced hybrid strain with indica dominance. Its genetic lineage can be traced back to the combination of Watermelon and Tahoe OG strains. This hybrid is known to contain Alpha-Pinene, Terpinolene, and Limonene terpenes which contribute to its sweet and minty fragrance and flavor. It’s the perfect strain for those seeking relaxation and euphoria, making it a great choice for relieving stress and enhancing one’s mood.

Experience the delightful Watermelon Sugar High strain – a refreshing and sweet cultivar that offers a distinctive fruity taste, transporting you to a tropical oasis. Known for its unique ability to both invigorate and soothe, this versatile strain is ideal for indulging in deep philosophical conversations or lounging in a hammock and contemplating the world around you. Make sure you don’t miss out on other Turn Botanica Blends Disposable Carts.

With the added benefit of sparking creativity and providing fresh perspectives, our Watermelon Sugar High is a must-try strain, promising happiness and summer vibes all rolled into one. Hand-cultivated from seed to pen, we ensure our California goodness is pure, fresh, and clean. Don’t miss out on this tropical paradise in a puff – order now. Please note, the above price reflects the amount required for the purchase of digital art or apparel to qualify for this special offer.

Watermelon Sugar High Turn Disposable Strain Carts Live Resin Review

The Watermelon Sugar strain is made using a Double Deja Vu parent, which is a rare indica-leaning plant that has a genetic makeup that includes Now N Later X Jet Fuel Gelato. These two sugary tasting strains have passed on their potentially heady effects and long-lasting high to this hybrid strain.
With a THC content of 27%, the Watermelon Sugar is classified as a “high potency” strain. The effects of the Double Deja Vu parent are evident in the strain, and our careful cultivation process ensures that the strain meets our customers’ needs. These go hand in hand with your current choice The Donut Shop Turn Disposable and PAN Backpack Boyz.
The Watermelon Sugar’s appearance is just as appealing as its flavor and effects. The classic-looking nugs are bright green with hints of purple throughout, and the dense nugs have fiery orange pistols that add to their OG look. The nugs are sizable and have a frosty layer of trichomes that glitter like powdered sugar.

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