Earth OG- Kurvana Vape Disposable Pen 1G


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Strain Type  INDICA
THC   91.15%
Quantity   1000mg

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Earth OG Kurvana Vape Disposable 1G

Earth OG Kurvana Disposable, Strains that can make people think often leads to introspection if it is potent enough. Others, though, makes people feel more sociable. So, instead of sitting alone lost in deep thoughts, mingling becomes natural and fun. One hybrid that can lead to one of the two is Earth OG. We are not sure of the original breeder, but it could be Apothecary Genetics, which have the seeds.

Earth OG comes from a solid line that experts deemed as legendary. In other words, it contains the genetics of the best strains in the world. Browse our collection of Kurvana Disposable Vapes.

One is Sour Diesel (also called Sour D). It comes with the pungent aroma of diesel that has become its trademark. Far more important, though, is the way it crushes stress and pain. It does so with its energetic and dreamy cerebral rush.

Another strain used is Ghost OG. As everyone knows, many of the top hybrids today in the West Coast of the USA comes from one classic, the OG Kush. It has spawned a few phenotypes that have become as renowned as the original, and one of them is Ghost OG. While Sour Diesel induces a strong body high, this one has a more balanced Sativa and Indica effects.

Buy Kurvana Vape Bars Earth OG flavor

Both Sour Diesel and Ghost OG have won countless awards and accolades. Each of them has already established themselves as Hall-of-Famers in the cannabis scene. With these two as the parent strains, there is a lot of expectations from Earth OG.

It appears that the influence of the OG genetics is more evident when it comes to the fragrance of the strain. Earth OG emits a refreshing, earthy aroma that comes with a subtle hint of sweet and sour lemony note. It is also accompanied by the unmistakable smell of fuel. Also, Jet Fuel Kurvana Disposables and Polka Dot Mushroom Chocolate.

Earth OG Kurvana Disposable Pen Strains effects

It is a very potent strain. As soon as the first toke, its intense effect begins with an electrifying mental buzz. For some people, it results with a clear head accompanied by deep thoughts.

EFFECTS Sleepy – 10
Relaxed – 10
Hungry – 5
Happy – 3
Creative – 3
Dry mouth – 4
Anxious – 2
Dry eyes – 2
Headache – 1
FRAGRANCE Sweet, sour, earthy, diesel, lemon
FLAVORS Sweet, tangy, woody, pine, lemon
MEDICAL Pain – 10
Fatigue – 9
Stress – 6
Depression – 6
Insomnia – 5

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