Master OG- Kurvana Vape Disposable Pen 1G


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   80.02%
Quantity   1000mg

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Master OG Kurvana Vape Disposable 1G

Master OG Kurvana Disposable, Master OG is a strong smelling breed that will instantly get you hooked with its super tempting aroma alone. This bud is an ideal medical strain, but is also a flavorful recreational strain that is growing its fanbase by the minute, due to its relaxing and cerebrally invigorating effects.

Master OG is a 50-50 potent hybrid strain with strong indica features that will blow you away. It is said to have been created by crossing Master Kush with lush strain Empress Kush, resulting in a sour smelling and citrus tasting hybrid flower that grows into an average yielding medium sized plant.

This strain tends to branch out and grows large and heavy buds, so it will need a little support, especially during its support period. Master OG was created by the breeders at Cabin Fever Seed Brothers, and is known for being an ideal way to treat conditions such as pain, nausea and insomnia. Browse our collection of Kurvana Disposable Vape Pen.

Buy Kurvana Vape Bars Master OG flavor

Master OG has a very potent smell, and you will feel enticed by this strain as soon as you encounter it. Its aroma is specked with a general dank smell, mixed in with hints of fresh pine, as well as some citrus, its sour notes reminding you of citrus fruits.

Master OG’s taste is equally enticing, and if you are a fan of sour flavors, you will love this flower. On the inhale you will notice a very strong earthy taste, combined with a shock of citrus. On the exhale, you are most likely to enjoy a sticky pine flavor that will linger on your tongue. Also,  G.S. Cookies  Kurvana Disposables and Buy Magic Mushrooms Strain.

Master OG Kurvana Disposable Pen Strains effects

Master OG is a perfect evening strain and is known for its ability to relax even the most riled up person around. Its effects are soothing and will slow you down, so if you are looking for the right strain to enjoy a night in with, then you need look no further, because it is right in front of you.

EFFECTS relaxed – 10
sleepy – 9
happy – 8
hungry – 6
uplifted – 5
dry eyes – 8
dizzy – 7
paranoid – 1
anxious – 1
FRAGRANCE dank, pine, citrus, sour
FLAVORS earthy, citrus, pine
MEDICAL headaches – 10
pain – 7
stress – 7
eye pressure – 5
muscle spasms – 5


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