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Buy Northern Lights Jetty Cartridge Online | 1G Jetty Extracts High THC Vape Pen

Northern Lights #5 Jetty Extracts High THC Cartridge is a legacy strain first introduced in 1989. A lot has changed since then, but those earthy, piney notes it’s known for are still there. It’s said that there are 11 different versions of Northern Lights, but #5 is the best of all. It has a very quick flowering cycle, making it a great strain for cultivating. So, no doubt, one of the reasons it’s still shining after all these years. Look for the Jetty signature wood tip and our premium Jetty Carts New York which work with any 510-thread battery.

  • Flavors: Earthy, Pine, Spicy/Herbal

A legendary strain needing little introduction, Northern Lights #5, or NL5. Has made an indelible mark on the cannabis scene since the early 1990s. Like many of the older legendary strains, its true origin is a mystery. It was said to be given to the early cannabis breeding pioneer Neville’s Haze as a clone. And used as mother to main other crosses. Thought to be an indica strain originating from California, we may never know the true story behind Northern Lights #5.

The strain in its pure form really doesn’t exist anymore, so coming across seeds or clones is most likely not going to happen. Many breeders offer their own versions of NL#5, and these are available from online retailers. Originally, NL5 was a choice strain for underground growers for years due to its lower odor while flowering. This made it much easier to hide NL#5 during the early 90s when cannabis cultivators were getting busted in record numbers.

Jetty Extracts High THC Vape Cartridges Northern Lights Review

Known for its picturesque appearance, High Times magazine highlighted the quality cannabis on their cover. Large and luscious buds swell. As an older strain, the leaf-to-calyx ratio is a little more than the cannabis of today’s standards, so Northern Lights #5 nugs can be a little larfy and need some extra trimming. The smell is pleasant and warm and very green, with an intentionally underwhelming pungency.

As one of the first popularized indicas, Northern Lights has the classic “stoned” high associated with it. NL#5 can make you tired and feel – well just plain lazy. Great for when you need to just unwind after a long day, or when you need a little extra push to help get some rest. The flavor is light and muted, with cooked herb and light spicy notes.

No doubt if you’ve been in the cannabis industry for any time at all you’ve heard the name Northern Lights #5 thrown around. It’s become a household-name cannabis strain due to winning a 1990 High Times Cannabis cup, as well as being mentioned in many mainstream movies and popular songs. Though we may never smoke the original Northern Lights #5 again, it’s undeniable the impact of the strain in the cannabis crusade. Elevate your selection with these Trainwreck Jetty Cartridge and Packwoods Vape Carts.

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