Sour Z -Jetty 1G Cartridge


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   84%
Quantity   1 Gram

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Sour Z Jetty Vape Carts 1G

Sour Z  jetty carts,The Sour Z strain comes from a long line of highly reputable, recognized, and sought-after cannabis strains, and gauging by our experience with it, genetics don’t lie. More so, there are other Jetty Carts to choose from.

So it’s fair to say that it’s living up to the family name and following in the family business by getting you as stoned as you possibly can be.

With a family tree that includes legendary names, such as Durban Poison, Northern Lights, and Chemdawg, to name a few, Sour Z strain has a tough act to follow, and it does so spectacularly.

Buy Sour Z  THC Cartridges

This sativa dominant hybrid strain tips the scales with a 70% sativa to 30% indica ratio. Conceived by combining the trendy Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel, Sour Z strain serves up the best of both worlds.

It provides a high that energizes if smoked in moderation and a buzz that will completely relax you, mentally and physically, if over-indulged in.

The average THC content sits at around 15% – 18%; nonetheless, it can be as high as the mid-twenties. That said, it’s easy to enjoy this strain, especially in social circles, but if it’s not respected, it will lay you down. Also, ice cream cake Jetty carts and Flav Disposable Vapes.

Sour Z  Cart Live Resin

The Sour Z is a strain that doesn’t hold back; it provides a high from both ends of the stoned spectrum.For this reason, it’s a fan favorite when it comes to hanging out with friends; however, Sour Cookies do walk a fine line of making you outgoing or out-cold.

EFFECTS Euphoric
FRAGRANCE Diesel, Hash, Sweet
FLAVORS Sweet, pine, cheese
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry-mouth, thirst, and red-eyes
THC CONTENT % 15%-18%
INDICA / SATIVA % 30%/70%
OUTDOOR YIELD 15-20 Oz/Plant

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