Platinum Gas- Dabwoods Disposable Live Resin : 1 Gram


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   90.13%
Quantity   1000mg

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Platinum Gas Dabwoods Disposable Cartridges Full Gram

Platinum Gas Dabwoods Disposable, with so many different strains in the world, creating a unique hybrid strain like the Platinum Gas Strain is not an impossible task, considering the hundreds of thousands of possible various strain combinations. However, it’s not that easy to create a strain that truly stands apart from the rest.

The one-of-a-kind Platinum Gas strain essentially holds the heavyweight title belt for “getting you higher than Joe Rogan’s viewership stats. ”The Platinum Gas weed strain was meticulously bred and formulated by American-based In-House Genetics. They combined the aesthetically pleasing Purple Punch strain with the THC-loaded Platinum strain to produce the notorious Platinum Gas strain, dishing out a mind-bending THC content average of 28%.

The Platinum Gas cannabis strain is a remarkable sativa dominant strain that tilts the scales with a 70% sativa to 30% indica ratio, bringing you the best of both worlds with a potent high that delivers to the body and the mind. 

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Also, kush mints Dabwoods Disposable Carts If you take a glance at most Platinum Gas strain reviews, you’ll notice they will all agree on one thing, and that’s the sheer potency that Platinum Gas strain brings to the ring. This strain does not mess around in the strength department. It comes out swinging with a 28% THC right-hook that certainly won’t hesitate to put you in your place if you disrespect it.

This strain may be a little overwhelming. If this is your first round with the Platinum Gas strain, perhaps it’s a good idea to have a trip-sitter with you to hold space and keep you grounded.  From the moment of the first hit, you’ll immediately feel the sensations of this strain taking effect, sending waves of euphoria tingling throughout your body, shortly followed by feelings of hyper-focus and a general sense of happiness.

Platinum Gas Dabwood Disposables Live Resin

Generally, when it comes to marijuana, people will often claim that the best thing about it is its THC content and overall potency. In the case of the Platinum Gas strain, its potency is both a blessing and a curse. Depending on who’s smoking it, of course.  Platinum Gas strain weed can average an absurd level of THC at 28%. These numbers would probably get most veteran smokers just as high as they want to be, but could also leave some newbie smokers questioning if they’re dead or just dreaming.

EFFECTS Euphoric
FRAGRANCE Earth, fruit, spicy citrus, black pepper
FLAVORS Spice, herb, pine
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry eyes, dry mouth, munchies

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