Sunset Sherbert-Alien Labs Disposable / Live Resin 1/2 GRAM


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   82.23%
Quantity   500mg

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Sunset Sherbert Alien Labs Disposable Cartridges

Sunset Sherbert Alien Labs Disposables, The indica dominant strain is a potent variant that was created out of another legendary strain, Girl Scout Cookies.

also its an appropriately named strain as it is a delightfully flavorful experience. Its solid indica characteristics are further enhanced by its strong and pungent presence.

Sunset Sherbert is a strong and potent almost pure indica strain that carries an unbelievable blend of delicious flavors. Don’t miss out on our stock of Alien Labs Disposable Bars.

This strain was created out of the crowd-pleaser Girl Scout Cookies, and is an intoxicating hybrid that displays powerful full-bodied effects that promise to sedate you.

Buy Sunset Sherbert Alien Lab Disposables

This strain is a creative flower that will inspire you to think more colorful thoughts, and is therefore quite popular among artist types.

Sunset Sherbert is a strong and potent smoke that is favored by medical users as well as recreational consumers, because it is a thoroughly positive variant.Sunset Sherbet is an enticing flower, boasting of aromas you wont soon forget.

This strain contains strong fruity notes, combined with a sweet berry fragrance, and mixed in with a fresh and earthy scent that will leave you wanting more.

Sunset Sherbert Alien Carts THC Bars Live Resin

Sunset Sherbet is a deeply cerebral and fully relaxing strain that will allow you to sink into your chain in a calm state, while still maintaining a clear head.

This indica-dominant variant can be be used to help you focus and spend your day in a clearer state, especially when you use it in a lighter dose.

Sunset Sherbert can make you delve into feelings of euphoria and enlightenment, giving you a pleasurable mental massage that is best enjoyed in the afternoon, when you have time to mellow down and relax.

EFFECTS relaxed – 10
euphoric – 7
sleepy – 7
happy – 6
hungry – 4
dry eyes – 4
anxious – 1
paranoid – 1
headache – 1
FRAGRANCE fruity, sweet, earthy, berry
FLAVORS sweet, earthy, citrus, mint, tree fruit
MEDICAL stress – 10
depression – 9
pain – 8
lack of appetite – 5
nausea – 5
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS late September to early October
THC CONTENT % 15%-19%
CBD % 0.20%
INDICA / SATIVA % 85% / 15%
OUTDOOR YIELD 11oz/ plant
CLIMATE sunny and warm Mediterranean climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE resistant to common molds and mildew

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