Sweet Pink | Rove Featured Farms Cartridge 1G


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   90.3%
Quantity   1000mg

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Buy Sweet Pink Rove Carts | Featured Farms Cartridge 1G

Sweet Pink Rove Cartridge is indica dominant hybrid with a strong cerebral effects and the body heavy stone. This strain has a delayed reaction, which will allow you to slowly sink into your high, without feeling like you are being bowled over by it. This strain is relaxing to the muscles and perfect as an evening smoke.

Sweet Pink is a potent yet balanced hybrid that was created by crossing the super powers of Sweet Tooth with all time favorite OG Kush. As a result and indica star was born, with strong and a heavy relaxing effects combined with the ability to remedy chronic pain. Discover more from our available Rove Featured Farms Cartridges.

The strain is quite strong, and it is recommended for novices to pay close attention to their dosage in order to not feel overwhelmed. Sweet Pink is perfect for nighttime consumption. Especially when you’ve had a long and tiring day and are looking forward to simply sinking into the next couch.

Sweet Pink Rove Cartridge

Rove Vape Cartridges Sweet Pink Flavor Review

Sweet Pink Rove Cartridge is strong and should not be underestimated in its potency. And it can come with some minor side effects. The strain is likely to leave your mouth dry in your eyes irritated where the dryness and often itchy. Therefore, leading to the feeling of being dehydrated. Customers who liked this also shopped for Kiwi Blueberry Cake Disposable and Romulan Rove Cartridge.

Other side effects when smoking this strain may also include a slight dizziness at times. Especially when consumed in a much higher dose than you are used to. Sweet Pink can make you feel mildly paranoid at times, and you may even end up.

Sweet Pin Strains effects

Also it often comes as an Indica dominant hybrid that begins to set in smoothly. Hence, taking you higher and higher. This strain is known for making you extremely hungry. And it will be one of the main effects that you will notice almost immediately as you delve into your high.

You’re most likely to be left feeling elated and supremely happy. and we’ll catch yourself caving into the giggles without remembering why. Sweet Pink is best enjoyed in an environment where you can fully relax.

Sweet Pink Rove Cartridge

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